Iron Deficiency Anemia and Hair Loss

When issues of hair loss and breakage arise, you can go crazy trying to figure out the causes. The first thing you may do is think about what you have been doing to your hair lately, as far a upkeep and care is concerned. The next thing you might do, is examine what types of foods that you’ve been eating. Often times, a possible medical condition is probably the last thing considered in the list of possible causes, when a medical condition could be the exact cause of a hair loss problem.

When I experienced hair loss earlier this year, It was due to iron deficiency anemia that was brought on by pregnancy. Iron deficiency anemia is a condition caused by a lack of healthy red blood cells in the blood. The body needs red blood cells, to carry oxygen to the body’s tissues and give the skin a healthy color (Mayo Clinic). A lack of oxygen and blood flow to hair follicles, causes the hair to thin out and shed. The hair loss that I suffered was tragic to me.  My hair fell out in clumps, leaving my entire crown area broken down to the roots. You could see my scalp through the little bit of hair that I had left, and it was embarrassing to say the least.

To treat my iron deficiency condition, my doctor prescribed some iron pills for to take twice a day. The iron pills ended up making me sick, so with my doctors permission I switched to a more natural solution, BlackStrap Molasses with Iron. The blackstrap molasses with iron, combined with a change in my diet, helped my hair grow back full and strong after I gave myself another big chop. Since then, my iron levels have returned to normal levels and my hair loss issue has been resolved. 

If your having issues with hair loss, I would recommend having your iron levels checked by your doctor. According to a report by WEB MD, “a review of 40 years of research shows that iron deficiency has a closer link to hair loss than most doctors realize.” That means that the link between iron deficiency and hair loss could go misdiagnosed, if the doctor is not fully aware of the connection between the two. There are a few basic symptoms of iron deficiency anemia to look out for:
  • Fatigue/Weakness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Chest Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Irregular Heart Beats
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, contact your health care provider right away so you can be tested. For more information on iron deficiency anemia and hair loss, check out the articles listed below.

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12 Responses to “Iron Deficiency Anemia and Hair Loss”

  1. SliversOfShe says:

    This was such a helpful post. I've had issues with hair loss/thinning and I already know for a fact that I have anemia and have been prescribed iron pills for it. I always forgot to take them and gave up since the only effect I saw was being cold a lot, but I had no idea it could have an effect on your hair/skin. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi SliversofShe,

      Yes, you would be surprised how many people are unaware of the fact that an iron deficiency can cause hair loss. Take those iron pills, and try to get natural sources of iron in as well. You will notice a difference after a while.

  2. Natural Nina says:

    Your welcome. I love to share my personal stories because it can help someone else in the same situation. Remember to take those iron pills, and add more dark leafy greens to your diet. That combined with a little tlc for the scalp, and you may begin to see an increase in hair growth and retention.

  3. ~L says:

    I’ve never had an issue with iron before, but recently my doctor told me that I have a mild anemia. I am working to get back on track. You’re right that we are slow to think of a medical condition when a hair issue arises. People tend to switch products or try every treatment possible before looking at something internal.

    • naturalnina says:

      One of the things that helped me was taking Blackstrap Molasses with Iron supplements. I’ve been taking them once a day for almost 2 years now, and I haven’t had any problems with my iron levels since then.

      When I was having this issue, I thought it was everything but an issue with anemia. It’s always good to get a check up because I learned over the years how connected our health is to our hair.

  4. renedegraaf says:

    Dear Nina , may i ask you how long thus it take that your hair is growing back ? I,v got the same issue right now en just start with de iron pils from the dokter . My scalp looks likes your,s when you have anemia . Thanks al lot !!

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi Renedegraaf,

      It took a few months for my hair to grow back in. It’s funny because the area in the crown where I experienced hair loss from iron deficiency, is now the strongest part of my hair.

      Be patient with it, massage your scalp a few times a week with natural oils, and take the meds. It will grow back.

      • renedegraaf says:

        Thanks Thanks Thanks al lot ,now i have fait !

        • renedegraaf says:

          Dear Nina , just another question . (sorry for my bad englisch i,m from spain ) Dit you only lose your hair on the crown area ? I lost my hair diffuus al over my scalp and it is so thin right now . I lost 60% of my hair and it make,s me very sad .I am take the iron pills now for 6 weeks and i can,t wait to get my hair back . So i,m looking for all the information that i can get ,i hope you understand my questions .Thanks a lot for your help !

          • naturalnina says:

            It’s okay Renedegraaf. I appreciate the love from Spain. I speak a little Spanish, so it would be the same if I were writing you in Spanish.

            I understand your question. You should also have your doctor test you for any thyroid conditions as well. I had my test done last summer and was relieved to find out that I didn’t have hypothyroidism. If that’s ruled out, then I would say to continue with the iron pills and take it from there. Eventually, it will grow back.

          • renedegraaf says:

            Thanks a lot dear Nina . My thryroid is stested and that was fine ,so i think it must be the lack of iron .im a not amenic but my ferritin levels are very low .O i hope so that this is the problem .I keep taking my iron pills . Thank you so much !

          • naturalnina says:

            You’re welcome Renedegraaf. Keep me posted on your progress, and best wishes. I know how traumatizing hair loss can be.

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