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Natural Hair Recipes: Coconut cream deep conditioner

I ordered some Tropical Traditions concentrated coconut cream to try out in my homemade conditioning treatments. I wanted to get back to making my own deep conditioning treatments because I feel that my hair grows in healthier when I use my own concoctions, opposed to using commercial products to deep condition my hair. I  was […]

Enter the MissShe Body Cocktails giveaway!

This giveaway is closed, and the lucky winner is Latashia Smith!!! Congratulations!!! MissShe is sponsoring a NN 400 Facebook fan giveaway!  In honor of Natural Nina approaching 400 fans or likes on Facebook, MissShe Body Cocktails is sponsoring a winter foot care giveaway. One lucky Facebook fan will win a Cool Mint Toostie Scrub, and a […]

Grab the Natural Nina button

The Natural Nina button is now up for grabs!!! A big thanks to everyone who voted for helping me choose the best button to represent NN. I have been working on developing a button for NN for several months now, with a little  trial and error, and a few votes from my readers, the NN […]

Trial and Error: Design Essentials natural product line pt.1

Have you ladies had the chance to try the natural line from Design Essentials? I have, and I must say that I am impressed with the line so far. About a month ago, I representative from Design Essentials contacted me, and asked me if I was would try out the product line in exchange for […]

Winterized moisturizing spritz

Two days ago, I realized that I had not replaced my water bottle since my two year old broke it. I used to keep the perfect mix of water, vegetable glycerin, and natural oils in that bottle, and my hair was never dry to the touch. The combination of the weather changing over to fall […]

Which natural nina button do you like? Vote on it…..

Hey natural beauties! After months of trying to learn how to make a button for NN, I finally learned how to do it over the past two days. Now, I’m no graphic artist, and I’m learning as I go. I’m  actually going to be taking some web development classes in my next degree program early […]

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