Featured Natural Beauties: Introducing QueenBre of Transitioning2Natural

How long have you been a beauty with natural hair?

I have been Transitioning for 11 months. My transition goal is 18 months.

Who or What inspired you to embrace your natural hair and your overall natural beauty?

The beautiful women of my family inspire me. My hair IDOL was my Grandma Ruth. She had the most beautiful hair. I always admired how she cared for it. She used some of the most basic products but her hair was healthy, shiny, and had the best curls one could have.   

Did you transition from a relaxer, or did you do the big chop?

February 10th of 2010 was the date of my last relaxer. I really had no choice but transition. After the birth of my daughter, my body was doing its own thing. I would relax and my head was literally on fire. I never scratched before so I was wondering what the problem was. I looked online and read about a lady who was in a similar situation. She was having problems with relaxing after her child was born. She was having problems with shedding and in some spots her head was bald. From there she just chopped her hair off and never looked back. This is when I did my research and decided to transition instead.

What is your current haircare routine?

I have found that co-washing softens my new growth and makes it easier to detangle my hair. I use Suave Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner, as well as V05 conditioners. I do shampoo my hair when I have had a protective style in for a while. 

I begin with either co-washing or shampooing my hair in four medium sized sections. This has made detangling a breeze!! I then apply Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner and detangle. I rinse with cool water to seal in moisture. I apply Shea Moisture’s Hair Milk and Seal with Olive Oil. If I steer away from this routine and products that I use, I am asking for a long long detangling process. 

Name three products that your natural tress could not thrive without.

Shea Moisture’s Moisture Retention Shampoo & Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner.

What protective hairstyles do you wear to protect you ends from being damaged?

I have spent most of my transition in cornrows. When I take a break from the braids, I like to do bun styles.

Do you use heat styling tools on your natural hair? If so, what products do you use to protect your hair from heat damage?

I only use the hooded dryer if I am in a rush and need my hair done the same day. I use Tresemme’s Heat Protectant.

Has your perspective of beauty changed, since you’ve made the choice to wear your hair natural? How so?

I’ve always saw natural hair on other ladies and loved it. I never thought it was for me. I felt that it would be unmanageable and it took forever to do styles. Boy was I wrong! I am fascinated at how versatile my hair is and how less time consuming it is. I see the different styles on myself and smile because I love how I look. 

What advice would you give to other women who may be considering the natural journey?

Begin with researching. You will hear so many “You should do this and you should do that.”

Youtube is the best!!! I have watched so many videos of transitioners and naturals. I believe Youtube has helped me overcome some major humps in my transition. Having a support group is great as well. You can join local meetup groups for naturals and transitioners or join an online community. 

Remember that this journey is your own. A lot of people will have their 2 cents to say about your hair. This is the time to embrace “YOU.” 

Finish this sentence: I love my natural hair because it is what God has given me. It is versatile and so amazing. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

For more information on transitioning, checkout QueenBre’s websites!
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