Naturally Straight Ends?

Going natural really gives one the opportunity to learn different things about her hair. One of the things that I’ve learned about my hair throughout this journey is that in the crown section of my hair, the ends are almost completely straight. Whenever I visit any natural hair salon they ask me, “when was the last time that I texturized my hair?” My answer is always, “somewhere around 1999″, and that’s no exaggeration. The stylist usually makes a face, and suggests that something has to be in my hair, to make the ends go straight like they do when wet. 

The other day, an older women stopped me in the bank and asked me, “what type of curl kit (meaning a Jheri Curl Kit) do I use?” She also gave me a suspect look when I told her that my hair is chemical free, and that I just use a little curl defining product to achieve the curly look. 

Now, I don’t blame those who assume that my hair is chemically treated because everyone is not well educated in the various textures that natural comes in. You live and you learn, I’m just glad that I could be one to enlighten a fellow potential naturalista in need. 

My major concern is how I can get my straight ends to cooperate with the rest of the curls and coils in my hair? I tend to miss out on many of the cute twist-out and flat twist styles because I end up with straight hair. I also end up with knots on the ends of my hair if I attempt to keep two strand twists in for longer than over night. I can honestly say that I have given up on twist-out styles for the most part, only wearing twists at night for bed.

I often wonder if my hair would hold any type of twist-out style if it were longer? I guess I will find that out when I get there. In the meantime, I’ll just keep working my straight ends into wash-n-goes, and accept the reality that my hairstyles are only going to be a one day deal. At the end of the the day, it is what it is. I accept my straight, wavy, curly, coily hair the way it is.

Do any of you ladies have an issue with straights ends on your natural curls?

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16 Responses to “Naturally Straight Ends?”

  1. Satin Blends Blog says:

    I too struggle with straight ends. It drives me crazy :(

  2. Jenn says:

    Hey Nina, Im in the process of rebuilding my hair … and i started using APHOGEE  Products. What Do U think of them ? have U tried the products before ?

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi Jenn,

      I’ve never tried APHOGEE, although I have heard some good things about it around the internet. I’ve used Silicon Mix in the past, and it worked pretty good. I just didn’t like that it wasn’t all natural, so I never brought it again.

      With my most recent bought with breakage, I used the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, and it really helped my hair. Since I chopped off a few inches some months back, my hair is growing back in well.

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi Jenn,

      Yes, I have tried the Aphogee protein treatment once, and I’m not sure if I like it. My hair is protein sensitive and it made my hair to hard and brittle feeling, even though I followed up with a moisturizing deep conditioner. I still have some, and I may give it a go one more time with a different moisturizing conditioner.

  3. Petiteshawty91 says:

    yes i have the same problem. I often wonder if its the damage from the relaxer Ive been putting in my hair all these years, or that’s just the way my hair is. The crown of my head has straighter ends but the whole back and the sides have tight curls

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi Petiteshawty,

      I haven’t relaxed my hair in years, so that can’t be it. It’s just my natural texture. 

      One thing that I’ve learned about natural hair, 3-4 different textures can exist on the same head. It’s the way we’re made. Now, I just work with it, instead of against it.

  4. Clmiller3340 says:

    I also have this issue. But instead of my crown have straight ends its more so the sides, front and my crown. The back is completely coily.

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t funny how different one’s texture can be all over the head. My hair has about 3-4 different textures and it was difficult for me to find products that would work for my whole head, lol. I’m finally free of frizzies!

  5. Tiniestangel says:

    I also have this problem. I have not had relaxed my hair in years and even BC’d it about a year ago. Everyone swears I must have put something in my hair. I get the funny looks too. My crown is thicker and courser while the straight ends are present in the entire rest of my head. This makes wash and go’s a joke as the dry because besides my crown, I have more of a wavy texture, then its like a mini afro in the middle!

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi Tiniestangel, 

      I know how you feel sis. My hair is the complete opposite of yours. When I wear wash and goes, most of the time the sides and back get pinned up because they end up shrinking too much, compared to the crown area.

  6. NaturalHair says:

    I feel you!  I haven’t had a relaxer in 5 years and grew my hair all out and the ends of my hair are straight too… a lot of natural styles just don’t look right. I trim it all the time thinking it will make a difference but the ends always come out straight…

    • naturalnina says:

      Thanks for your comment sis. 

      I used to trim and trim my ends as well, thinking that it would make a difference. Then, I had to realize that I was fighting my natural texture, and I stopped. My hair is growing in fine now, and  I’ve given up on certain natural styles like twist-outs.

  7. Purpleprincess_100 says:

    The same thing happens to me! But what makes its so silly is that I’ve never had a relaxer or perm. My hair dresser told me that I have been straightening of too much! To cope with it, I usually pin my natural hair up in to lose updos to hide the straight ends. It was. Drag to give up the twist out for me as well. I find the updos to be kind of boring since I’m only eighteen and want to have fun with my hair.

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi Purpleprincess,

      Wow, sis. You’re pretty young and I congratulate you never having a relaxer in your hair. Also, check out YouTube for some cool tutorials on natural hair styling.

  8. Texzee says:

    Hi all, My ends are straight from ear to ear but I am able to do twist outs with the help of rollers or bobby pins in the ends. I just pin curl the bottom straight part and take it out in the morning. It works. Twist outs can still be done just try it.

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi Texzee,

      Thanks for the tips sis and I will give it a shot. I’m about to place a hair supply order right now, so I will add bobby pins to that order.

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