Be Careful When Using Cayenne Pepper in Your Homemade Hair Products


Yesterday, I wrote my first article for the Nappturalite Community about using cayenne pepper and castor oil for hair growth. I explained in the post, how I intend to use cayenne pepper and castor oil as a growth aid for the rest the year, starting with a homemade deep conditioner recipe that has cayenne pepper in it. I actually wrote the article yesterday, while I had the deep conditioner mix on my head.

While I’m loving the way my hair looks and feels today, I must warn you because you have to be careful when using cayenne pepper in your homemade hair products. I suggest scrubbing your hands well, several times during the process of mixing and using your homemade products with cayenne pepper. You can also use gloves to prevent the cayenne pepper from getting on your hands. If you were to rub your eyes by accident because you forgot that the cayenne pepper was on your finger tips, YOUR EYES WOULD FEEL AS IF THEY WERE ON FIRE!

You have to be careful when rinsing products with cayenne pepper out of your hair as well. When I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair yesterday, a little cayenne pepper laced water almost got into my eyes. I noticed it when the corner of my eye started to tingle a bit. Now, I have to figure what way would be the perfect way to rinse my hair after using cayenne pepper in my products. I want my hair to grow of course, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my eyesight for length (I don’t know if cayenne in the eye causes blindness, I was just saying).

I’m still excited about adding cayenne pepper to my regimen. I just wanted to give you guys some insight on what to look out for when manipulating cayenne pepper into homemade products, and what precautions to take when using it on your hair.

If you all want to know how I’ll be using cayenne pepper for hair growth throughout the rest of the year, check out my article in the Nappturalite Community by clicking here.


The cayenne pepper pictured above was purchased from

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5 Responses to “Be Careful When Using Cayenne Pepper in Your Homemade Hair Products”

  1. Very good advice about the cayenne pepper.  I am originally from a catering background and yep it sure stings.

  2. Me says:

    I experienced this twice. My eyes were on FIRE! I flushed my eyes with cold water and then used a cold wet towel to sooth my burning eyes. The third time, I simply used goggles when rinsing out the cayenne pepper. It worked well. It’s a strange solution, but I LOVE the cayenne pepper and castor oil regime and what it’s doing for my hair!

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi sis. I stopped using it because the castor oil is too heavy to use on my scalp several times a week. My hair has been thriving lately off of the shea/avocado whip that I make with biotin in it. 

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