Are You Using Hair Grease for Your Twist-outs?


Apparently, there is a new trend in the natural community of using old-fashioned hair grease for twist-outs. I’m curious about this because for many naturals it comes down to ingredients in the product. Most classic hair grease products are known to have mineral oil and other unnatural ingredients in them. This leads me to ask, has hair grease been revamped with better ingredients?

If you’re using hair grease for twist-outs, does the hair feel greasy to the touch? Does the twist-out last longer? I’m not passing any judgment on anyone who uses old-fashioned hair grease, I’m just curious about the come back that hair grease is making. I remember over a month ago, one of the main complaints from many naturals about Tyra’s Type F Youtube channel (to my understanding the videos for natural hair are being redone for the channel), was that one of the women was promoting hair grease and pomade for use on an Afro. What has changed between then and now?

I’m not sure if I could ever go back to hair grease because I would imagine that it would just weigh my fine to medium hair strands down. As far as the ingredients are concerned, I prefer natural oils over mineral oil and petrolatum.

Like I said, this is all out of curiosity. If you’re using hair grease on your natural hair, let me know what you like about it, and why you went back to using it?

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6 Responses to “Are You Using Hair Grease for Your Twist-outs?”

  1. CharlottesAvenue says:

    I’ve been using grease on my natural hair for years.  It’s still NEW-FASHION to me… I personally believe that NOW, natural women are just admitting to what they’ve always been doing… Since they seem it’s ‘acceptable’ now… — So many natural nazis trying to tell sistas what they should/should not do with their hair, and folks need to use what works.  Grease works for me and all three of my daughters. — It’s not greasy and makes my hair lovely and keeps it protected from the harsh rays of the sun and the crazy weather we’ve been having .:) — It’s all good over here in my home. :) No issues, no bandwagon… #WAVINGMYGREASEFLAG!


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for responding Char!

      I know that natural hair Nazi’s can get a little crazy at times, and I am not one to tell folks what they should use in their hair. At the end of the day, if it works for you, why not?

      I was just curious because it seems as if hair grease is being embraced by naturals recently. Especially after so many folks claimed that they’re concerned about the ingredients of the products that they purchase.

      If you don’t mind me asking, what kind do you use? 

  2. Shawnjbrent says:

    I use  Will Gro Medicated hair and scalp conditioner ( it has petrolatum,safflower oil,castor oil,shea butter,cherry bark oil,coconut butter,sulfur,indian hemo,corn oil,methylparaben,essential oils.

    Its better than Blue Magic and yes it has parabens in it but in my rhett butler manily voice ” frankly my dear I don’t give damn”!

     I only apply it to previously moisturized hair and use it as a sealant. I massage on my hair and twist with it. My hair is soft and supple and It stays that way for a week or two without reapply.  I think naturals need to understand that not all essential oils can give you what good  ol fashion grease can . I think it depends on your hair type(4a/4b) and how you feel about it.  Let’s not snob our nose at mineral oils and grease . If used in moderation your hair and scalp(yeah i said it) can benefit from it. I use any product very lightly and rub or melt it for better disturbution on my hair. Hope I answered your questions!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well all right now Shawn! Thanks for your response. As I mentioned before, I was just curious because it seems as if hair grease is making a come back.

      Like I said before, if it works for you, then who cares what other think. Work it! I tried it myself and I feel that my hair is too fine for hair grease. It seals the moisture in well, but it weighs my hair down once I take the twists out. It could be the brand that I tried. Who knows. 

      I just wanted to get some opinions on hair grease from others. Thanks for your input sis. If i ever try it again, I will try some of the methods that you mentioned. ;0)

  3. Uigei Sikoo says:

    Great question…for me, my hair literally drinks in everything (my hair is damaged as well), but the grease is also minus the water that dries out the hair. After washing the hair and greasing the scalp and yes applying to the hair and brushing, this ritual works as a great start to the week for moisturized hair. Using just enough is perfect don’t over grease.
    I usually twist and curl, but mostly the key for me is to let my hair air dry just enough so that when I do twist or just plain curl, it will be dry in time for the next day.
    Honestly in the day, I used DAX and had the baddest ‘fro ever…we just fall on what we know. As I learn, I do better. For my hair, oil just separates my hair too much and doesn’t penetrate the shaft as well.
    Just an FYI…last Sunday, I used Olive Oil and mayonnaise as a pre poo…I honestly don’t know if it made a difference or not, but I know that I don’t like working with the mayonnaise.
    A few weeks ago my hair was so damaged that it made me sad…It has gotten so much better just by paying a little more attention to it. I thank you for that !

    • naturalnina says:

      Hey Uigei,

      I remember those Dax and Bergamont grease days, lol. Water and grease was my moms best friend back in the day, and my hair was pretty thick and long.

      The next time you pre-poo, try using natural oil, and use a little of the conditioner on your ends. Then wash it. That may help. I’m glad you’re starting to have better results with your hair and the condition has improved. That makes me feel like I’m helping someone.

      Thanks sis. Have a great Sunday!

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