Five of My Favorite Natural Hair Blogs

Black Girl with Long Hair   Part 6

I wanted to take a few minutes today to celebrate some of my favorite natural hair blogs, and tell you all why I like them so much.

  1. The first natural hair blog that I fell in love with was Black Girl with Long Hair (pictured above). I remember when this blog was the most awesome Blogspot that I’d ever found because it was the only natural hair blog that I found covering international natural beauties. I loved seeing the beautiful skin tones and hair textures of women of color from around the world. Black Girl with Long hair moved from blogger to their own domain a while back, but you can still find those awesome international features and a plethora of natural hair information on their new site at,
  2. Natural Review, is the perfect blog to follow if you’re interested in learning about natural hair care and natural living. You can find tips on DIY natural hair recipes, home cleaning remedies, and reviews on natural and organic product lines. Natural Review also takes submissions from the natural hair community, which gives the reader a chance to learn how to care for natural hair of various textures. Recently, the site was redesigned to give it a sleeker look and you can check it out at
  3. Urban Bush Babes follows the natural hair journeys of Nikisha and Cipriana, and these two women have some serious hair! Their hair is big, long and healthy, something that’s desired by many naturals. The first time I heard of this blog was on BGLH, which featured Cipriana’s several times, eventually leading me to the Urban Bush Babes blog. On the blog you can find awesome tips on length retention, products reviews, fashion and culture. You can check Cipriana and Nikisha out at or urbanbushbabes on Youtube.
  4. Care 4 Curls is a UK based natural hair blog that’s great for those looking for natural hair tips and a little extra. The blog covers the natural hair journey of Paige Ellean, combined with her recent journey into the vegan lifestyle. You can find natural hair recipes to maintain healthy hair, vegan lifestyle tips, and Paige’s natural hair care line called TLC Naturals. Care 4 Curls also has a new sleek design that you can check out at
  5. AfroLatinas is a natural hair blog that follows the journey of Tiana, and the blog is written in Spanish. I understand Spanish pretty well as a person coming from a mixed ethnic family, but I always translate the blog to English via Google Translate because it makes it easier for me to read. The blog has some cool natural hair recipes from home-made gel, to DIY natural herb and oil fusions. You will also find hair care and styling tips from other Afro Latinas in the natural hair community. You can follow Tiana’s journey at

Now, I’m not throwing shade at any of the other natural hair blogs around the internet because I know that there are many more great natural hair blogs out there. These are just the ones that I check in on a few times a month (when I’m not stuck in the school books), and more often than others. Black Girl with Long Hair will probably remain as my all time favorite, as it has been since 2008.

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8 Responses to “Five of My Favorite Natural Hair Blogs”

  1. Paige says:

    thanks for the love, hun!

  2. Great post. I visit all of these sites on a regular basis, particularly BGLH and Natural Review. The only one I haven’t heard of is Afro Latina, but I’ll be checking it out tonight.

    • naturalnina says:

      Thanks sis! I just wanted to show some love to some of my fellow bloggers. Good content is good content, and I can’t deny the talent of these ladies. I’ll be looking for some more blogs to share with you all, so if you know of any, feel free to post the link here.

  3. ~L says:

    Just seeing this. Thanks so much for the support. 

  4. Jpsignatureorganx says:

    hey if youre looking for organic hair care products visit my etsy page! my sister and i have over a dozen completely organic topical products!

    • naturalnina says:

      Thanks for sharing! The products look quite interesting. and I’m definitely looking forward to trying them out!

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