My New Favorite Natural Ingredient: Marshmallow Root


I have a new favorite natural ingredient that I’ve been playing around with for a few weeks now, and I’m liking what it does for my homemade natural hair care products. The new ingredient is Marshmallow root. My curiosity about marshmallow root has been around for some time now, after hearing about how it adds slip to hair products. As a natural beauty, I know that anything that gives slip to hair products is something worth trying because it makes for easier detangling. Now that my hair is a bit longer, I need all the help with tangles and knots that I can get.

After doing a bit of research on the benefits of marshmallow root and the different types, I decided to give the powdered version a try because I figured it would be much easier for me to mix in my homemade hair recipes. 

I searched the internet to see where I could buy powered marshmallow root, and I found the best deal on I was able to buy 1 lb. of marshmallow root for $19.81, and the shipping was free because I spent $30 on their website. Once I placed my order, I could not wait to get the marshmallow root powder and play, play, play!

When the marshmallow root powder arrived, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I wasn’t sure if I should boil it and strain it to add to my hair products, or if i should use it straight out of the bag. One thing I learned quickly was the smell is nothing nice, and I did not want my hair to end up smelling like marshmallow root.

The first product that I tried was a homemade leave in conditioner spray. I took a tablespoon of marshmallow root powder and added to a cup of water, brought the mixture to a boil, and then strained the mucilage (slippery liquid from the marshmallow root). I added the mixture to my spray bottle with natural oils, essential oil, and a bit a leave in conditioner that I had on hand. I will not share the exact recipe of the leave in because I was not happy with the consistency of the product. It worked pretty well for detangling, but it just wasn’t the overall consistency that I wanted. I’ll give it a try again in the near future.

The next thing that I made with the marshmallow root was a success. I made a deep conditioning hair mask that made my hair practically detangle on its own, and it left my hair super-duper soft.

The recipe is quite simple as this is not one of the deep conditioners that I made from scratch, I just added two tablespoons of marshmallow root powder to a moisturizing conditioner that I already had on hand. Then I added a tablespoon of Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and Castor oil, and then mixed it into a smooth consistency. I had to add a splash of water to help the loosen the mixture a bit because it was a tad too thick. Before I used the deep conditioner, I tested the PH of the product to make sure it was under a 7.0, and I was happy to get a result of 4.5.

I pre-pooed and washed my hair as I normally do, and then I applied the marshmallow root deep conditioning mask to my hair and let it sit under a plastic baggy for 45 minutes.

Once the deep conditioning mask treatment was complete, I rinsed my hair in cool water that contained two full caps on apple cider vinegar. My hair was left soft, silky and knot free.

I finished up my hair by moisturizing with a little leave in conditioner, sealing with my homemade Shea/Avocado whip, followed by a quick loosely twisted updo that I left in for three days.


Well natural beauties, now you know all about my experience with new favorite natural ingredient.

Have any of you tried using marshmallow root in any of your homemade treatments? Feel free to share in the comments section below this post. 

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14 Responses to “My New Favorite Natural Ingredient: Marshmallow Root”

  1. Diannemanhertz says:

    Thank you so much for your detailed review of using marshmallow root. I have been searching the web and your experience is the most informative so far, so thanks.

    • naturalnina says:

      Thanks for your comment sis. It’s a great addition to my regimen! If you give it a try, please feel free to share your experience with me.

  2. jenn says:

    no offense, but your hair honestly looks relaxed =/

    thanks for the tip though…

    • naturalnina says:

      I’m not offended, I’ve been natural since 1999. The only chemical I’ve had in it since then is color. 

      That’s just the way that it grows out of my scalp sis, and you’re welcome.

  3. Donnilah says:

    your hair looks great! <3 it. Everybody's hair is different! I want to try this!

  4. Deborrah says:

    I too use marshmellow root but I use the actual root, not the powder. I make it like a tea then use that water in a wide variety of products. My daughter’s hair is long and thick and chile! Working with that practically kills you. Plus she has the nerve to be tender-headed! Since I’ve started using the marshmellow root on her hair, we breeze through the whole washing/twisting process in less than an hour. It’s changed my life! lol!

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi Deborrah!

      Thanks for the comment! Your daughters hair is thick and beautiful!

      I want to try the actual root next time, and boil it they you mentioned above. Maybe I can come up with a leave in formula from it. I’ll write about it here on the blog when I try it!

  5. ambrosia says:

    I have used marshmellow powder in soap making.  It softens the skin very well.   

    • naturalnina says:

       Hi Ambrosia!

      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t gotten into soap making just yet. I’m interested, but I have no clue where to start.

  6. Tafperrin says:

    Next time Naturalnina you order some marshmellow root try Mountain Rose Herbs you can get a pound for 12 dollars, 8oz for 7dollars and 4oz for 4 dollars. This company has been around since 1988 I buy all my herbs and oils from this company and the customer service is amazing.

    • naturalnina says:

      Hi Tafperrin,

      Thanks for commenting! I’ve heard of Mountain Rose Herbs before, and when I went to order the batch that I brought, they were out of stock on the powder form. I want to give the root leaves a try next time, so I will check them out. Thanks for the advice ;0).

  7. Main Uddin says:

    Marshmallow Root is one of if not my absolutely favorite ingredients in ant product that  graces my wife’s coif… Marshmallow Root Powder has MANY benefits for Natural Hair. I love the detangling benefit, and softness factor I get when I use it :) If you are a Porduct Junkie and love to use products instead of DIY you can try out my two fav products with Marshmallow root in it… ReVe Hair and Body Moisturizer ( The one in the bottle not the jar ) and Chosen Essentials Curl Defining Cream. 

    If you prefer to mix up your products try this out and let me know how it worked for you :)

    8 oz of water
    2 cups of Marshmallow Root Powder
    2 teaspoon of Honey
    1 teaspoon on Jamaican Black Castor Oil
    Coconut Oil to coat hair strands before mask application.

    1. Mix the MRP and the water together very well. Using a hand mixer helps a lot. Make sure the consistancy is similar to pudding..
    2. Add in the honey and JBCO. Stir well.
    3.Apply Coconut oil to hair before the mask.

    • naturalnina says:

       Thanks for the comment and recipe Main!

      I’m going to give the recipe a try as soon as I get a fresh batch of marshmallow root! I’ll let you know how it turned out ;0).

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