Shape Ups for Natural Hair, Yay or Nay?

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Hey natural beauties, I have a question for you all about getting shape ups. Do you feel that shape ups are right for natural hair wearers? I ask because I just got a shape up myself a few days ago. I’ve worn my hair up a lot lately and I don’t feel comfortable with having little hairs growing down my neck while my hair is up. Even when I had a short TWA, I kept my neck line shaped up. I wonder if that is just the cosmetologist in me because I was trained to keep a clean-looking neck line. I don’t knock anyone who chooses not to shape up neckline, I’m just curious about what you all think.

Do you get your neck line shaped up, or do you prefer to keep your natural neckline?



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4 Responses to “Shape Ups for Natural Hair, Yay or Nay?”

  1. Wash Day says:

    I think I’m an oddball. I don’t have an uneven neckline. I don’t even have enough eyebrows to require maintenance. The only hair I have is on top of my head. :(

    • naturalnina says:

      You’re lucky sis. Mine grows two peaks down the sides, so I ‘ve always shaved them off. I wish I didn’t have to do eyebrow and neckline maintenance ;0).


  2. I have seen naturals do some shape-ups that look very nice.  I wouldn’t do it on my hair, though, because I’m not into it.  Then again, I don’t smooth my edges, either.

    • naturalnina says:

      Thanks for replying sis. I never really thought about the fact that I shape up my neckline until I started wearing my hair up. I don’t smooth and gel my edges relentlessly, just a little bit to keep the stray hairs down.

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